Cashback bonus at online casinos

There are many different casino bonuses at UK casinos online today – one type is the cashback. If you wonder what a cashback casino bonus means you’re at the right place. It’s really re-fund bonus money that you can use for playing more casino games. Sometimes you can even get a cashback bonus at an online casino free from wagering requirements – in other words the cashback is paid out as real cash.

A cashback at a UK casino online is usually based on your net losses and the cashback is determined by a certain percentage. If you stumble upon a cashback bonus at an online casino you don’t have much to lose since you don’t have to make another deposit. You simply have to enjoy the bonus money you will receive on your losses. Cashback bonuses at UK casinos is getting bigger and more popular all the time among casino players today so make sure you try it if you get the chance.

Online casinos where you can get cashback

Casino Welcome package Rating Play
Terms and Conditions 10% CASHBACK
10% TOP-UP
 gold Play now
Terms and Conditions 50 EXTRA SPINS
silver Play now

Terms and Conditions
£300 BONUS
bronze Play now

Terms and Conditions 
£1500 BONUS
Play now

Terms and Conditions
£100 BONUS
Play now


This is how a cashback casino bonus works

So, a cashback casino bonus is a reward given to you based on your total net losses over a certain time calculated by a specific percentage. The percentage can vary quite a bit – from 5% up to 20% sometimes. It’s not unusual for a casino to give you a cashback on your net losses on a Monday if you’ve played during the weekend for example. Make sure you always read the terms and conditions so that you’re aware if the cashback is given to you with or without wagering requirements. This is also a great way to keep track of if there are any limits set to the cashback. A cashback bonus is usually also connected to a certain casino game or a live casino.

Like we mentioned before todays’ cashback casino bonuses will vary from every other UK casino. Some of the online casinos offers some kind of cashback every week such as Guts and SuperLenny.

To make it all a little easier to understand we’ve created three examples for you on how you can get a cashback at a UK casino today:

  • Cashback offer example 1: You will get a 5% cashback if you play the popular slot Starburst. Now you decide to wager £100 on the slot and unfortunately you lose it all. This means your net loss is £100. The cashback you will be rewarded with is 5% of £100 – in other words you will receive £5 back.
  • Cashback offer example 2: Your favorite casino is giving you a 5% cashback on your daily losses if you play any game from the provider NetEnt of your own choice during a certain date. Now you have £100 available on your account and you play for all of it and you end up winning £200 that day. Then you won’t get your cashback since you haven’t lost anything.
  • Cashback offer example 3: There’s a promotion with a great offer giving you a 25% cashback up to £50. After you’ve played during the promotion period you’ve lost £300. Then you will get a £50 cashback bonus since it’s a special limit connected to the offer.

Wagering requirements on a cashback bonus

As mentioned before there are almost always some sort of wagering requirement connected to your cashback bonus. Except if you’re a VIP player since many UK casinos are giving the most loyal members real cash instead of bonus money. However, read the terms in order to know what to expect from the beginning. Normally the wagering requirements connected to cashback bonuses are pretty low – from x1 to x10. This means you will have to turn over your cashback bonus money ten times in order to be able to make a withdrawal.

Differences between cashback and top up bonus

If you’ve visited a UK online casino before you might have heard of a bonus called “top up” together with a cashback bonus. A top up casino bonus is the opposite of a cashback casino bonus. A cashback means you’re getting money back if you lose – a top up bonus means you’re getting even more on your winnings if you’re playing at a certain time. Just like a cashback a top up bonus is calculated by a percentage on your winnings. Also the top up bonuses usually are a bit lower than a cashback bonus – around 5% to 10% is what you can expect at most of the UK casinos.