New casinos in UK – All licensed and reviewed

New casinos are constantly popping up online and the selection of brands for uk players are now bigger than ever. If you like to gamble online you can easily pick a casino that offers all the things that you prefer and appreciate. Although it is always important that you choose a new casino with a uk license and a good reputation. Since we know you are busy doing more important things than hunt for new casinos, we have done the job for you! Our expert team is constantly looking for new brands that fulfil all the criterias we have for a casino to be listed on our site. Below we introduce you to the newest and most appreciated new casinos that are open for the uk market. Hopefully you will find a casino of your taste and you can enjoy an exclusive welcome offer with bonus free spins and bonuses.

New casinos online 2017

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The casino market is increasing

new casinosIf you were a regular player on online casino ten years ago you have probably noticed that a lot has changed during the last years. The casino market is constantly increasing and internet have opened up opportunities for thousands of new actors to start an own casino. It’s not like ten years ago when the brands that dominated the market first had to create an own platform. Nowadays actors can actually rent a platform or a so called “white label” and get up and running in just a couple of weeks. There are also ways to go around different gambling laws and regulations by establishing a company abroad. Although we do not recommend you to play at casinos that doesn’t have a license from the UK Gambling Commission. Thanks to the regulation players can now easily see which new casinos that fulfil the criterias for a safe and fair gambling environment and which aren’t. In addition to that you can always be sure to get tax free winnings when you play at a casino online that is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

The benefits of the increasing market for online casino are that players get a greater variety of casinos to choose between and that you can claim offers at more than one casino. By having multiple accounts you can also be sure of always finding a game that you like. But not everything is positive with an increasing market online. As it’s getting more easy to open up a casino less focus is placed on quality and to create an innovative platform for players to gamble. So always make sure you sign up with a casino that have something special to offer and that treats players well in terms of offering an available support and rewards for activity.

New casinos – new innovations

With an increasing market online the competition between the operators have intensified. That’s why you can explore much more innovative casinos with special features, loyalty programs and social ways of interaction with other players. In order to become one of the bigger operators on the market the casinos really has to step up and offer players something extraordinarily. New casinos with just a simple platform and the standard games from one or two developers doesn’t last long at the moment. Instead it’s the casinos that really put some effort in creating something for the players to explore that comes out as winners in this market. If you are ready to explore some really innovative features you can visit casinos such as Rizk and Kaboo. These are operators that has created a parallel casino adventure with missions and rewards. Rizk offer the unique “Wheel of Rizk” where players can win anything from Super Spins to real cash by first playing in the casino and fill a power bar. When it comes to Kaboo you climb in to a parallel world when you sign up. In this world you will be fronted with missions that can be completed in certain games in the casino. Every time you complete a mission you will be rewarded with echoes, which are this casino’s own free spins currency.

As you understand a lot have happend in just a few years and now you really have the chance to explore what social casino really is about. There is no doubt that the flow of ideas is more present than ever at companies that are operating on the casino market. And we are looking forward to explore even more new casinos and see what they have to offer all players.

What we look at in new casinos

search casinosEven though there are new casinos launched monthly not even close to all of them get to be listed on our site. But to be honest we don’t have to look at a casino for very long in order to make a judgement if it’s something worth exploring or not. The majority of all new casinos that are introduced on the market doesn’t have anything extra to offer. And to just deliver a simple platform with a couple of different games is just not enough anymore. So when we pick new casinos for the site we are mainly focusing on operators that has come up with an innovative idea. As we have a large network of contacts in the business we get to hear about these casinos long before they are actually launched. And then we have time to explore, read and evaluate everything before we share the information here on site.

The new casinos that are listed here are the ones that are build on a unique idea or innovation. But that’s not all, we demend a license regulated by the UK Gambling Commission as well as a dedicated support, a good welcome offer and a generous loyalty system. And of course we look at the selection of games that the casino have to offer. Hopefully you will like the brands that we list here but people has different tastes when it comes to casino so our favorite brand might not be the one that you prefer!