Gamble with responsibility

Casino games should be all about fun but it’s not always like that. The amount of online casinos keeps on increasing every year and it’s becoming more and more popular to gamble online. Nowadays you can see commercials on TV and on the internet everyday telling you about the latest offers, promos and casino bonuses. Playing casino games is of course exciting and amusing – otherwise it wouldn’t be so big. However, it’s also a good idea to look over your gambling habits once in a while since some players lose control. And if you don’t see the red flags on time you might end up being addicted to gambling and it will have horrendous consequences on your personal economy. Sure, we offer a genuine casino guide with all the latest news and hottest offers as well as reviews of online casinos but we also want to give you a heads up about why it’s so important to gamble with responsibility. Here comes some advices that we hope will help you on your way!

Keep track of your gambling online

Okey – first of all when you register an account at any online casino the reason should be that you want to enjoy yourself and have a good time, nothing else. If you want this to continue you have to make sure you play casino games with responsibility. Since gambling is connected to spending money you should really make up a budget. It’s totally up to you how much you can afford to spend on your gambling – but make sure you stick to your weekly or monthly budget. By doing a budget you will always be in control of how much you’re spending. Keep in mind to never play in order to “win back what you’ve lost” because that will not happen. That’s also a red flag and a warning sign that you’re actually losing control.

Don’t hesitate to ask yourself how you feel about your gambling habits once in a while. Do you still have fun? Do you feel happy? Do you feel a special need to gamble at an online casino? If you find yourself feeling sad or don’t feel so good after gambling anymore you should take a break from it. Another warning sign that you can look for is if you notice that you have to bet more money every time in order to feel the same excitement as before.

Gambling addiction can get really bad if you don’t do anything about it in time since it will not only be negative on your own financial situation. Most addictions – even gambling – usually affects the closest relationships with girlfriends/boyfriends, parents and so on. In some cases it can go so far that you won’t be able to keep your job.

An invisible addiction

The scary thing about gambling addiction is that no one can see it on the outside. At least to start with – this is something going on the inside. For example, if a person abuse drugs or alcohol it’s usually easier to spot since it will leave physical marks. And it’s not easy to admit problems with gambling and since it’s not that hard to hide in the beginning it can get bad. Some casino games are more addictive than others. Slots for example are categorized as fast games meaning they’re quick and you can win a huge amount of money with a single click if you’re lucky. Therefore it’s so important to make a budget and stop playing when you’re out of money.

Red flags to notice about gambling

If you keep track of your gambling, stick to your budget and keep having fun while playing you’re gambling with responsibility. We’ve already mentioned a few warning signs connected to having problems with gambling but here we have some more red flags to look for that you can connect to your gambling.

You don’t feel the same excitement while playing as before if you don’t increase your bet.

You can’t stop thinking about casino games and feel an urge to play all the time.

You’ve started lying about how much you gamble and how much money you’re spending and it doesn’t matter who is asking about it.

You keep on gambling because you have other problems that you want to forget about.

You have tried to stop yourself from gambling but you still end up playing again.

It’s important that you’re true to yourself and answer these questions honestly. If you need help it’s always easier to do something in an early stage.

You can get help with your addiction

If you admit that you’re having problems and is in the zone of being addicted to gambling there are ways to get help. First of all you can do some things about your situation on your own – if you feel that you have the strength. Log in at the online casino you’re registered at and block yourself. It’s also a good idea to erase your account to get a fresh start. As soon as you’ve done that you should have a talk with the one closest to you such as family members and friends. When your loved ones know that you’re dealing with problems like a gambling addiction you will be able to get the support you need and you don’t have to hide it.

If that isn’t enough you can get professional help to handle you’re addiction. Nowadays there are more than one organization that takes care of people who need help to stop gambling online. You can visit for example where you can get more information about this kind of addiction, the consequences of it and how you can stop. If you’re feeling insecure you can take different tests online that will tell you if you’re risking begin an addict – or if you’re already there. It’s also possible to call the people at GamCare and get some more professional help and it’s for free.

Admitting personal problems are never easy and it usually doesn’t matter what it’s about. As always people are different and some might have a harder time doing it than others. So try to play responsible from start!

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