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PayPal Casinos

Anyone who makes online payments would ascertain that paypal is one of the fastest and most convenient methods available. Since its inception in 1998, PayPal has grown to becomes the defacto payment method with whooping 210 million active accounts worldwide. All retailers and ecommerce platforms have gladly adopted this payment system and casinos are also increasingly using this method as one of their payment methods.

Unfortunately, with PayPals strict policies, only few casinos process PayPal as a withdrawal and deposit method.

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PayPal security

Paypal is perhaps one of the most secure systems worldwide, and this is mainly attributed to the fact that it doesn’t reveal any personal data during transactions. To boost your security, you can even set your account in a way that it would require approval for all purchases. That way, even when someone manages to get your password and email, they won’t be able to take money from your account without you knowing about it.

Casino deposits using PayPal

Once you deposit to your PayPal via a wire transfer or credit card, then you can deposit money to any casino that supports it. Simply log in to the casino then head over to the casino cashier, search for PayPal and then enter the amount you’d like to deposit. The casino will redirect you to your paypal login page afterwhich you authorise the transaction. The funds should be available immediately. Casinos will therefore not need to store your password and email as deposits are made on a payment-by-payment basis. This further boosts the security of your account.

You could also have a separate paypal account that will be strictly used for your online casino plays. This will help you manage your money better and track your winnings.

Withdrawing via PayPal

The withdrawal procedure in PayPal is just as simple as the deposit. Simply visit the withdraw page of the casino and select PayPal. Provide the verification details such as your username and once you submit the form, the funds will be instantly available to you.

Why PayPal isn’t available in all casinos

Despite being one of the most convenient payment methods out there, not all online casinos out there accept PayPal. Generally speaking, PayPal prohibits the use of its service for gambling activities. However, there are some exceptions. PayPal only approves gambling in regulated jurisdictions where the company holds a licence. So if a licensed UK casino needs to use PayPal, they should prove that they block players from all unregulated jurisdictions such as the US.  That’s why most casinos that allow US players can’t use PayPal.

Paypal pros and cons


  • Extra security: Paypal doesn’t expose your personal data. Only your email is required.
  • Fast. Casinos that use PayPal have immediate deposit and withdrawal.
  • It’s used worldwide. Winnings sent to your paypal can also be used to purchase other commodities in various outlets.
  • Multiple payment methods to PayPal. You can deposit to paypal using credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts.
  • Very easy usability.


  • Customer support is not really the best
  • Strict regulations make the payment option available on very few casinos.


In a world where ‘ease of use’ is becoming an important factor even in payment system, then PayPal would be a good option. It’s clear that there are complications in a number of countries when it comes to PayPal and though casinos are adopting this payment method, it’s not as widespread in the igaming industry. If PayPal is an important aspect to you, then do your research and you’ll definitely have a range of options to pick from.

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