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When you visit our casino guide you can be sure that you are being anonymous. We do not collect any personal information or for that matter ask for any information from you. Still you will be able to take part of all the information that we share in this guide. There is no where that you can register or create an account. If you contact us and provide your email address we promise to not share this information with any third party. Neither will we use your email address in commercial interest. If the privacy policy changes you will see all changes on this site.

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To be able to give you the best possible experience when you visit Casinosinuk.co.uk we use cookies. A cookie is just a little file that is stored on your computer which makes the site load faster the next time you visit the site. Cookies are also used on this site in order to analyze the traffic. This through services such as Google Analytics. The reason to why we do this is not in any way to watch over you but to see which information on the site that attracts most visitors. By doing that we can customize the site so it will be even more useful for you when you search for information about uk online casinos. And if you have own ideas of what would make this casino guide better you are of course welcome to contact us. If you don’t want your web browser to store cookies on the computer you can easily change this in the settings of the browser that you use.

External links on the site

External linksOn Casinosinuk.co.uk you will find external links that leads you to other sites and casinos.  We are not in any way responsible for these casinos and other websites. Neither are we related to the companies that stand behind these sites. As soon as you leave our site it’s your own responsibility what you do and don’t. Therefor we always recommend you to be careful and always read through terms and conditions before you accept any offer or register at an online casino. We always do our best to include the terms and conditions connected to every specific offer in our casino reviews. By doing this we hope to avoid misunderstandings between the player and the casino. But if misunderstandings occurs this is something out of our control. Also note that it is your own responsibility to check the local laws of your specific jurisdiction before you start playing at casinos listed in our casino guide.

Your are always welcome to contact us if you have any question regarding our Privacy Policy. On our contact site you can also read our disclaimer as well as learn more about responsible gaming.

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